Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members  say that pregnant women can also travel and enjoy as it is quiet safe for them , unless the doctor has explicitly told them otherwise. But traveling while you are pregnant requires you to do a bit more advance planning. Women need to eat more than normal during pregnancy and so they need to pack an extra snack when they plan a road trip or an air trip. They should take a healthy snack to fulfill the nutritional demands of their unborn child.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts recommend  pregnant  women to pack comfortable clothes and shoes when they plan to travel as comfort should be their first priority over fashion in footwear and clothing. Packing a light luggage is also very important as you don’t have to lug behind a large weight when you travel. Pregnant women need to carry extra pillows especially during their car trips so that they can travel in comfort and enjoy it more.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that in this modern age pregnant women can travel quiet safely even to exotic destinations but it sure is important that they should know a number of factors particularly relating to vaccinations and medications. Different airlines have different rules for the pregnant women who wish to travel and it is important that you look up these rules and regulations when you book your air ticket. Pregnant women are allowed to fly in airlines based on their past medical history and their weeks of gestations. While there are some airlines that don’t allow women to travel when they are pregnant and even refuse to allow pregnant woman who have given birth to premature babies and the ones who have blood clots in their leg veins.

Pregnant women are allowed to fly in most airlines depending on their history. Pregnant women need to drink lots of water and juices while traveling as the air humidity is kept at only about eight percent.  While confirming your seats you should ask for an aisle seat as it is very important for pregnant women to move around as much as possible especially during the long flights.

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