Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts, the only resort in the Caribbean offering a Kosher vacation experience all year long, holds the esteemed OK Kosher designation. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts, a world-renowned leader in vacation membership, is proud to be providing an all-inclusive kosher experience.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts know that as a premier destination spot in the Caribbean, going the extra mile makes all the difference to its valued members and guests. With an ever-growing demand for kosher dining experiences, Lifestyle Holidays boasts a full kosher kitchen including a kosher restaurant, with a buffet and a la carte options as well. The resort also houses an orthodox synagogue, rabbinical services and more which all cater to its guests’ every dietary need.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts’ kosher kitchen and kosher restaurant are overseen by the rabbinical orthodox supervision of OK Kosher’s Rabbi Don Yoel. LHVC Sister Resorts have its own Kosher Chef as well. Chef Dani Ohana works with a mashgiachin ensuring that the Kashruth Jewish Dietary Laws for Glatt kosher, ChalavYisroel and Pas Yisroel are followed. Menu items include an assortment of Spehardic, Ashkenazi and international delicacies.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts understands the importance of having options and appropriate choices for every member and guest who chooses to stay at LHVC, which is why providing a Kosher Vacation Experience makes this resort club a stand-out in the industry.

For those members who wish to travel in comfort without having to worry about their dietary needs will appreciate the Kosher Vacation Experience. These guests can enjoy the fruits of the Caribbean while on vacation and rest assured that kosher meals are available all day at the resort. Members are taking note and sharing the news. One guest noted on social media, “having a synagogue and the rabbinical services on top of the kosher restaurant? No other resort in the area offers that!”Another guest raved about the lengths LHVC has gone to in order to make the experience authentic “Bringing in a mashgiach, Rabbis and a Kosher Chef really means they’re (the resort) doing it right.”

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