Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club welcome the traveling enthusiastic to enjoy a luxurious retreat in its all-inclusive restaurants as it offers a safe and exciting holiday experience for all types of tourists. Resorts members defy the generalization of unsafe travel and ensure that all travelers will get to enjoy a wonderful holiday when they plan to travel to the Dominican Republic

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club offer the safe and secure holiday experience as this is what we all look forward in a holiday devoid of any danger of drug cartel violence. In the past few months, the US State Department issued a statement naming about nine Mexican states as potentially unsafe for the American tourist. In addition, one of these estates was Jalisco, the location where Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is located. However any such record can be effectively dispelled through a simple analysis of statistical crime figures through which you can access that Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club are the safest place to stay in Dominican Republic and therefore they should be free from any concern over safety.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts members know that according to recent statistics about 2.2 million, United States citizens visit Puerto Vallarta each year and around six non-natural deaths occur but mathematically we can find five deaths for every 360, 000 visitors and according to a comparison accruing to the FBI we conclude that 4.3 violent deaths occur per minute in the United States. Therefore, this shows that an American citizen is as safe in Puerto Vallarta as in any other country.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that the efficient service, world-class hospitality of the staff and the locals of the area helps to enhance the fun and excitement in your holiday experience as all this can be enjoyed in the beach town of Puerto Vallarta. The resorts of Puerto Vallarta have their own-trained security on top of the town’s exemplary police force. Visitors in the area will be surprised with the traditional and friendly demur of Puerto Vallarta’s police. Moreover, this cuts of any trace of distant drug cartel violence in the area as this usually occurs on the opposite edge of the country.

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