The spring season offers many possibilities to travelers who want to make the most of vacation time in glorious destinations around the world. To these visitors, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recommends the beauty of designations such as Cancun and the Dominican Republic as these are destinations where travelers also have a number of entertainment opportunities available to them when they visit. In fact, this season, the Dominican Republic will make the perfect spring break destination because it has a number of exciting events going on throughout the destination. With all of the options available, every individual can easily find something exciting that speaks to their interests and will make their vacation exciting. Here are two of the excellent spring events that are calling to vacationers in the Dominican Republic this spring.

Spring visitors can enjoy some fantastic seasonal entertainment during upcoming vacation stays in the Dominican Republic.

Whale Watching: Each year, hundreds of visitors head to the Dominica Republic to enjoy this spectacular show of nature. This popular activity in the Dominican Republic trills travelers and locals of all ages as they watch some of the worlds most extraordinary creatures come to the warm waters of the Caribbean. Those who are visiting during spring getaways will be able to catch the end of whale watching season, which typically runs until the 31st of March, and will have an unforgettable memory to take home with them as a result. Travelers are encouraged to enjoy this yearly event before the season is over and the whales end their migration. Interested attendees can best enjoy whale watching by taking part in one of the family friendly tours available throughout the area. These tours will take them out on the water to get close to the gentle giants and make the occasion even more exciting.

Jazz Nights: When staying in the Dominican Republic and looking for thrilling nightlife, travelers are encouraged to take part in this weekly event which is available in the spring months. Taking place Thursday nights until April 7th, these evenings of live music take place at the Escalinatas del Conde starting at 8 pm. These performances mix classic jazz with a number of other musical genres such as samba, rumba, merengue, and others to produce a unique sound that is sure to touch the soul of attendees. This is a great night out option, especially for couples that want a unique night out together while vacationing.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club offers members the opportunity to enjoy fantastic entertainment in some of the world’s most spectacular vacation destinations, while also allowing them to enjoy a resort that offers them every amenity they could dream of.

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