Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has long been considered by many as the gold standard for many reasons. The resort and its staff shine. They make sure your stay is the best possible experience that one can have while on vacation. The resort has a members-only club at which point there are many levels. According to one’s budget, you can choose the level that suits your needs the most. Some start at a lower level only to find that they prefer to upgrade to something that offers more benefits and selections. No matter what level you choose, the service the guest or member receives is world-class. The Dominican people that staff the resort have so much passion in their work that people consider it their home away from home. Staff members at the resort are known to many by their first names. So you can imagine with dedication and passion going hand in hand that what you experience during a stay at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is second to none.

The choice of restaurants is impressive. They have everything a guest could ask for, including Kosher programs to vegan delights. The options are many, and the quality is five star. The drinks are top shelf, and your cocktail selections are the best on the island. When people go on vacation, they expect the dream they planned all year to be fulfilled. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club does just that by making dream vacations a reality. When you think that we work so hard to take that one week off and just want to unwind and enjoy, the last thing you want is surprises. You expect quality and service that exceeds your expectations. To have guests disappointed in their experience is something that staff is highly trained not to let happen. When people arrive, they are greeted with smiling faces that are familiar to them and are familiar with their specific wants and needs.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club exceeds in all these levels, and this is why many consider it to be the gold standard in the DR. Check out this site for the website and additional information



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