If you are planning a trip abroad with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club sister resorts, there are a few general things that you need to take care of before you leave the country. While it may be much more fun to plan out the details of your trip, you should carefully spend some time taking care of these details to make sure that you have a safe and easy trip.

Notify the State Department

The State Department provides a smart traveler enrollment program to those who are planning to leave the US to travel abroad. It is to your benefit to enroll so that if an emergency arises you can be better assisted. It will also help you get notified if there is a family emergency back home while you are away. Even better, if something happens in the country that you are vacationing in the State Department will be able to contact the local embassy to help you.

Leave copies of itinerary with friends or family

Before leaving on your trip make sure to leave a general itinerary with your family and friends. This will help ensure that someone always knows where you are supposed to be in the event that something happens. Facebook and Twitter are also excellent tools to make sure that someone always knows where you are.

Get All Needed and Recommended Vaccinations

Finally, depending on the country that you are traveling to you may need to get certain vaccinations that you do not already have. It is always best to also get the recommended vaccinations as you never know what you will encounter in a foreign country on your stay with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club sister resorts.

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