Have you ever snorkeled and wanted to go scuba diving? While visiting Cancun on your next trip try Snuba.

About an hour’s drive from Cancun along the beautiful Mayan Riviera is a theme park called Xcaret. This is a park that was designed to not only have visitors and locals experience the culture and history of Mexico in its full glory but it also happens to be a world UNESCO site. Imagine immersing yourself in the Mayan civilization and experiencing a jungle atmosphere all at the same time.

Xcaret Park offers many activities; one that seems to always remain popular is snuba. You wear a diving helmet that is connected to air hoses from above. Then you start your journey as you slowly descend under the water to experience the amazing sensation of underwater sea life and everything that scuba diving has to offer without having to go through a course or any of the dangers associated.

LHVC Sister Resorts Experience Life Under the Sea

Xcaret Park offers many attractions such as the archaeological sites, the underwater caves, Paradise River, and of course the Mayan village but experiencing this underwater activity is something that you just have to do to really appreciate it browse around this site. Imagine walking underwater with the Sea Trek helmet and experience stingrays as you breathe comfortably at a depth of around 12 feet. The entire time you are accompanied by experienced instructors to make sure your safety and pleasure is all taken into account. Experience sea life in its natural habitat for an unforgettable underwater experience.

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Underwater Paradise Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

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